GWM Ora 03 finally gets Apple CarPlay 18 months after launch

gwm ora 03 review 2024 11 infotinament
gwm ora 03 review 2024 11 infotinament

The software was said to be in beta form when Autocar drove the car in late 2022

Ora Funky Cat and GWM Ora 03 owners can now finally use smartphone mirroring services, following a long-awaited software update.

The 03 was launched in the UK as the Funky Cat in November 2022, and while it wasn't fitted with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, this was said to be scheduled for roll-out just a few months later.

Autocar recently drove a new extended-range 03 with smartphone mirroring, but it was described as in beta form and was still not being univerally rolled out. Now the software is finally ready and will be fitted to new and existing cars free of charge.


The update will be installed on all current and future cars for free and is said to have been designed and "extensively" tested to work with the electric hatchback's infotainment, which includes two 10.25in displays.

Customers will simply be met upon entry with a prompt to connect their phone.

The 03's 'Hello Ora' voice assistant, which gives hands-free assistance for functions such as the radio, windows and climate controls, can still be used when a phone is connected.

GWM also plans to introduce over-the-air software updates, meaning customers won't have to go to a dealership to get new software installed, as they will with this update.

Over the past year or so, owner's forums have been inundated with 03 customers asking when their cars will be given the software. At least one resorted to an aftermarket installation.

Until recently, customers were being told by the Chinese manufacturer only that their cars would be given the function "soon".

One owner reported that compatibility issues with Android phones resulted in glitches with the infotainment screen, leading to more delays in the roll-out of the system. Autocar has approached GWM for further details.

The service will be available as standard on both Pure+ and Pro+ models, with the former using a 48kWh battery for a total range of 193 miles and the latter a 63kWh battery good for 260 miles.