Haas USGP review hearing set for Wednesday

Haas will have the chance to have its right of review into the results of the United States Grand Prix heard on Wednesday, with Red Bull, Aston Martin and Williams all involved.

Guenther Steiner’s team lodged its petition for a right of review over the Sao Paulo Grand Prix weekend, with RACER understanding the matter relates to track limits violations and the way they were policed. The FIA has now set a hearing for 1500 CET (0900 ET) on Wednesday, when it will hold a virtual meeting to discuss whether Haas has found a significant and relevant new element that was not available to the stewards at the time the decision was made.

Three other teams have been summoned as part of that hearing, with Red Bull, Aston Martin, and Williams all named. The Williams connection is obvious, with the petition citing the document that outlined the stewards’ decision not to give Alex Albon a further penalty for exceeding track limits at Turn 6 in Austin.


“Based on the video footage available (which did not include CCTV), the stewards determine, whilst there might be some indication for possible track limit infringements in Turn 6, the evidence at hand is not sufficient to accurately and consistently conclude that any breaches occurred and therefore take no further action,” the decision read.

Albon finished ninth after already receiving a five-second time penalty, but would have been given a second penalty for that infringement had the stewards decided a breach had occurred. The Williams driver was classified under five seconds ahead of Nico Hulkenberg in 11th.

Another team had previously flagged Sergio Perez exceeding track limits at Turn 6 but without taking the matter further, while from an Aston Martin perspective, Lance Stroll was classified seventh.

Should Haas be able to convince the FIA that there is a significant and relevant new element, then that will lead to a further hearing that will be convened in due course.

Story originally appeared on Racer