Hellcat owner threatens suit, a Dodge Hornet sneak peek and Amazon looks beyond Rivian | Autoblog Podcast #772

In this episode of the Autoblog Podcast, Editor-in-Chief Greg Migliore is joined by Associate Editor Byron Hurd. They start off with the latest update on Autoblog's long-term BMW 330e, which is finally seeing some proper Michigan winter. From there, they talk about another electrified sedan: the battery-powered Mercedes-Benz EQE. From there, they flip back to another hybrid with an update on the new long-term Toyota Sienna. After that, it's on to news and features, starting with the story of a 2021 Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat owner who is publicly considering a lawsuit against the company for continuing to build its "limited-edition" super-SUV. Then, Byron offers a sneak peak at the still-embargoed Dodge Hornet. From there, they take a look at the new three-row Kia EV9, followed by the news that Amazon is walking back its van deal with EV builder Rivian. After that, it's Spend My Money: Third Car Edition.