Here's $250,000 That Says No One Is Beating Max Verstappen for F1 Title

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$250,000 Says Verstappen Is a Lock for F1 TitleAnadolu - Getty Images

It doesn't take a Formula 1 engineer to know that Max Verstappen is a virtual lock to win his fourth consecutive F1 championship in 2024.

Wanna bet?

Well, ABB FIA Formula E CEO Jeff Dodds is so convinced—and with good reason—that Verstappen will win this year's F1 title that Dodds is offering up $250,000 to the charity of choice of any driver who beats Verstappen for this year's championship.

And Dodds is no dummy.

"No matter what, 99% he gets that trophy," Dodds said in a TNT social media post today. "I'll tell you what. If he doesn't win it—there's 20 drivers in Formula 1—if any of the 19 other drivers wins it, we'll give a quarter of a million dollars to the charity of choice to the other driver who wins it.


"It wouldn't be the worst day in the office to give a load of money to charity."

Dodds backed up his wager with numbers posted by Verstappen during his 2023 championship at Red Bull.

"I know as a Formula 1 fan, the season is about to start and I'll watch it and the fanfare and everything that goes with it. But I absolutely know who's winning. You can't win 19 out of 21 in one season, go in the offseason, a bit of development on the cars, and come back the next season and not win it."