Here's How Hospitals Can Get Donated N95 Masks, Gloves, Shields from Harbor Freight

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Photo credit: Dwight Burdette / Wikimedia Commons
Photo credit: Dwight Burdette / Wikimedia Commons

From Car and Driver

Harbor Freight, the independent tool retailer known primarily for low prices and bright-yellow ads, is donating all of its masks, gloves, and face shields to local hospitals to help keep them supplied during the current COVID-19 crisis. With enough stock to keep more than 1000 stores supplied, that's a significant amount of medical goods.

Note that you can’t just walk in and start grabbing available stock. Instead, Harbor Freight set up a special landing page with a form for people to fill out. The release from Harbor Freight specifically mentioned that you shouldn’t contact your local store or local hospital and just share the information in this portal. You can also email to help relay your local hospital’s information.

It's worth noting that if you do essential work that requires these supplies outside of a hospital setting, you're out of luck: The company has elected to donate all of its stock to hospitals, specifically those with 24-hour emergency rooms. If you aren't a hospital worker but want to make sure that your local hospital is represented, head to this web portal or shoot an email with your hospital's information to the email address above.

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