Hidden Porsches Down Under

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Where $415,000 Porsches Play Hide and Seek.

Where $415,000 Porsches Play Hide and Seek.

Imagine taking a leisurely stroll through a quiet Melbourne suburb, peeking over fences, minding your own business, and suddenly stumbling upon an Aladdin's Cave of classic cars. This isn't a dream—it actually happened to an avid car-spotting TikToker named Melb Car Spots. Behind an inconspicuous suburban home lay a hidden treasure trove of automotive marvels that ranged from the rugged to the luxurious.

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Among the collection were sturdy Land Rovers and a Citroen XM, once voted the most comfortable car of 1989. But the gems that stole the show were the retro Porsches, including a swanky 911 Turbo model. If that's not enough to get your pulse racing, consider the crown jewel: a Porsche 356 Speedster that could fetch as much as $415,000 in today's market. While this year's 911 Turbo alone can cost around $200,000, even older versions could command a price of approximately $124,500.


But the intrigue doesn't end there. Adding to the allure are vehicles tantalizingly obscured by tarpaulins. Who knows what other prized automobiles could be lurking underneath, just waiting for the right moment to be unveiled? It's like a Pandora's box for petrolheads, wrapped in layers of mystery and allure.

As expected, the video posted on TikTok ignited social media. Users expressed everything from disbelief to envy, with comments like "No way that's a 356," and "You've got a great neighbor." There was even speculation about becoming best friends with this enigmatic car enthusiast next door.

This eye-popping find joins the ranks of other automotive spectacles, like a recent auction of a Ford Mustang adorned with iconic 1966 decals, and the outrage of an entire seaside town over a $346,500 Ferrari parked in a police-only bay. So what's the takeaway from all of this? Sometimes the most extraordinary treasures are hiding in the most ordinary places—even a suburban backyard.

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