Hidden Saab Graveyard

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Abandoned French Dealership Sheds Light on Automotive Time Capsule.

Abandoned French Dealership Sheds Light on Automotive Time Capsule.

Ever been driving down the highway, and out of the corner of your eye, you spot a large, glass-walled building that screams curiosity? Urban explorers behind the Forgotten Buildings YouTube channel felt the same urge, and what they uncovered in a dilapidated Saab dealership in France could best be described as an automotive archeological find.

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The showroom, visible from the highway and part of a larger business park, hosted a trio of Saabs: a 9-5 and two 9-3 models. One of these machines had paperwork that recorded a modest 59,608 miles (or 95,930 km) on the odometer. Not too shabby for a car that was first put in service in 2001.


Sure, they weren’t the first adventurers to make this discovery. The tires on two of these cars had been pilfered, windows were smashed, and there was evidence of other misdemeanors. But, here's the twist: the showroom was just the tip of the iceberg.

The workshop, a place where mechanics once buzzed around, now stood still, locked in time. Approximately 20 vehicles were stacked up like dusty, forgotten toys, primarily Saabs, sprinkled with a seasoning of French flavors like Peugeots and even a vintage Renault.

The mystery thickens as one wonders why such a cache of vehicles would be left to rot. The collapse of Saab’s fortunes certainly contributed to the dealership’s downturn. After the automaker tanked in 2011, the business kept running on fumes until one of the owning brothers passed away. It’s suspected that the surviving owner simply waved the white flag.

Why is it worth talking about this trove? Many of these cars, despite being covered in a shroud of dust and bearing the scars of vandalism, still carry the spirit of a bygone era. Bringing these Saabs back to life is a proposition teeming with both logistical hurdles and sentimental payoff. However, whether the effort is justified is a question still up for debate.

Look, in a world where vintage is chic and classic cars become investment commodities, it's tantalizing to ponder the what-ifs. What if some of these vehicles can be restored? What if some of them can once again see the open road?

Though the fate of these automotive relics remains uncertain, the discovery serves as a poignant reminder: sometimes treasure is found where we least expect it, waiting for the right moment to be brought back to life.

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