Hit And Run Mustang Keeps Hitting Cars

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He just won’t quit!

A bizarre scene unfolded in the Woodland Hills neighborhood in Los Angeles recently when a Ford Mustang driver involved in a hit and run fender bender kept crashing into other cars at speed in an attempt to flee the scene. The whole thing is being characterized as a road rage attack, but we have to wonder if the government isn’t secretly training Mustang drivers to go crazy on command, targeting nearby crowds or vehicles to execute Order 66.

Watch a guy rebuild a new Corvette that was crashed here.

Cellphone video taken of the incident was done so in the incorrect portrait orientation, which we really wish everyone would just forget exists, so part of the action is cut out. Still, it sure looks like the Mustang driver just snapped and stared acting as if he were in a demolition derby.

The Mustang was able to do some serious damage, both to itself and to the other cars that just happened to be on the street at the time. It easily flipped around and pushed lesser vehicles, thanks to the power of its mighty V8.

A plumber who was interview by Fox 11 Los Angeles said the Mustang driver “came at me like a shark with his car.” The guy admitted he was scared in the moment. His plumbing truck sustained some damage in the carnage.

Rightfully so, the Mustang driver was arrested and charged with three counts of assault with a deadly weapon, according to CBS News Los Angeles. Owning a performance car is great, but the sheer power is also a responsibility. Trying to plow down anyone, in or out of their vehicle, using your ride is always wrong. But when you have something that’s more potent than your average grocery getter, the amount of damage you can do is far greater.

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