‘Home Economics’ Star Topher Grace Compares His New Sitcom to ‘That ‘70s Show’

ET spoke with the stars of 'Home Economics' ahead of its premiere tonight on ABC.

Video Transcript

- Nearly 15 years after "That 70s Show" left the basement for good, Topher Grace is back tonight on "Home Economics", a show that ABC hopes will fill a "Modern Family" sized hole. But hey, no pressure.

- This is a story of the Hayworth family. Three siblings who loved each other, but money sometimes got in the way.

- This was the first show since "That 70s Show" that really made you want to come back to TV.

- (SINGING) We're hanging out.

- Does the "That 70s Show" crew know that they've got some competition for your heart now?

TOPHER GRACE: Oh, they're so jealous. No, no. I don't know.

- You came up with that answer awful fast.

TOPHER GRACE: When I was doing "70s Show", it was so beautiful, because the show is about what was going on in our lives. It was my first time acting. With this, it's really different. Karla and I both had kids kind of at the same time.

- Did either of you chip in any of your own parenting experiences? Contribute to the script at all?

KARLA SOUZA: Oh, yeah. My character sometimes says that she's going to take a shower, but she's just having a nap on the bath mat.

- Topher and "How to Get Away With Murder"'s Karla Souza play husband and wife in the new ABC comedy, that Topher also executive produced. It's all about money and family.

- You now face the humiliation of having to ask his rich, little brother for money.

JIMMY TATRO: It's kind of a situation that most families can relate to.

- Well, your character does buy a house from Matt Damon.

- I feel like you're less relatable.

JIMMY TATRO: Yeah. So maybe it's not. Maybe it's not that relatable.

- What's that smell?

- Matt Damon used to use this room to dry meat.

- OK. Next time, just say sweat.

- Matt Damon know about his role in the show?


CAITLIN MCGEE: I don't think he knows. Just don't--

SASHEER ZAMATA: Could you tell him?

CAITLIN MCGEE: We're really hoping for season two. Yeah, so that he'll just pop in. You know, he would love to do this. I feel like that would be such an honor for him.

- OK. A Matt Damon cameo is probably a long shot, but there are some other guest stars they're holding out for.

KARLA SOUZA: Who would you pull in, Topher?

TOPHER GRACE: My dream, Karla, is to Wilmer come play like your brother or something.


TOPHER GRACE: It would so work.

- Can Karla get Viola Davis on here? I mean--

SASHEER ZAMATA: She could play my mom. I would love that. She'll just steal the show.