Home Invasion Robbers Take Porsche 992 And Audi Q5 At Gunpoint

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Home Invasion Robbers Take Porsche 992 And Audi Q5 At Gunpoint
Home Invasion Robbers Take Porsche 992 And Audi Q5 At Gunpoint

One of the scariest car theft trends we’ve been noticing popping up all over the place recently is home invasion robberies. Thieves who can’t swipe a vehicle stealthily in the middle of the night are becoming more likely to break into the house and hold residents at gunpoint while demanding their car keys. One recent case out of Dundas, Ontario involved the theft of a Porsche 992 and Audi Q5.

Armed robbers leave note mocking police.

From what police say, it sounds like originally the four thieves stormed into the house and held the family at gunpoint to get the keys to an Audi Q5 parked in the driveway. However, they found a Porsche 992 was parked in the garage and decided to take that as well for obvious reasons.


Surveillance footage from the house shared on Facebook shows there were two Porsche 911s in the garage. Why they only stole the one when there were reportedly four thieves isn’t clear. That casts doubt on the thieves having cased out the house in advance, making it more likely they just saw the Audi in the driveway and were after that.

What we do know is that police say the family has been traumatized by the incident. We can’t imagine what going through a home invasion robbery must feel like.

How the suspects gained entry to the home isn’t clear.

We know Audis are some of the hardest mainstream modern cars to hack and steal. It used to be that was a comfort. But with thieves deciding to stage a home invasion robbery to take the car, perhaps that’s not the case anymore.

This trend is happening with more than just Audis, but we often see premium brands, often European, targeted in these cases. Anything you can do to reinforced the doors and locks on your home is always a good move, but it’s especially wise now.

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