Honda CBR Rider Tries His Luck Against Georgia Troopers

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Honda CBR Rider Tries His Luck Against Georgia Troopers
Honda CBR Rider Tries His Luck Against Georgia Troopers

There’s no doubt a Honda CBR is a fast motorcycle, with performance varying on the exact model. Modern versions top out at 160 mph, making them quite effective in police pursuits if the rider knows what he’s doing and conditions are favorable. Still, we don’t recommend using one to run from the fuzz like what this rider in Georgia did.

A new road rage law in Utah promises a big crackdown.

After all, taking on Georgia State Patrol isn’t wise in the least. They’re known for being effective and brutal when people run. This is the kind of situation where an unstoppable force meets an unmovable obstacle, and something has to give.


The trooper is sitting on the site of the interstate when he sees the sport bike blasting through traffic recklessly. That’s enough for him to flip on the lights and go to town, although catching up isn’t exactly easy.

After all, with traffic thick, a motorcycle has a unique advantage with its ability to lane split and squeeze through other tight spots. Fortunately, the trooper with his training is able to work his way through the crowd about as well.

And that’s when the rider gets cocky, turning around and gesturing at the trooper, taunting him. That’s when a second trooper comes out of nowhere, pulling up parallel with the bike. The suspect slows down and taunts the other trooper, gets off the interstate, then twists the throttle and takes off, getting back on the interstate.

From there it’s just a flat-out chase. But one trooper got close enough to read off the tag to dispatch, so even if he got away, he might not have really gotten away.

Maybe the tags were fake or maybe the rider didn’t notice or care the trooper got them, because he just keeps going.

Finally, he pulls off the highway, slows down, and finally pulls over. The guy acts like he doesn’t know why troopers are pulling him over after leading them on a long, high-speed chase. He even claims he had no idea anyone was chasing him.

Gotta love it.

Image via State Boyzzz/YouTube