Honda Prelude Returns as an Electrified Concept

honda prelude concept
Honda Prelude Returns as an Electrified ConceptHonda
  • The Honda Prelude Concept revives the Prelude nameplate, which went out of production in 2001.

  • Honda didn’t disclose any powertrain details about this Prelude Concept.

  • Honda CEO Toshihiro Mibe said, “The word ‘prelude’ means an ‘introductory or preceding performance.’”

The Honda Prelude is back! Well, at least as a concept. The beloved Honda coupe went offline in 2001 but makes an appearance as a battery-electric concept at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show. This Prelude Concept was the final point of the company’s press conference in Tokyo.

Details are light about this reborn Prelude. Honda hasn’t disclosed anything about its powertrain, underlying platform or expectations for production. However, Honda’s recent concept car trend suggests there is a chance the Prelude could make its way to production.

Honda CEO Toshihiro Mibe said in his remarks, “Honda has always been committed to creating sporty vehicles. And the word ‘prelude’ means an ‘introductory or preceding performance.’” Going on, Mibe says, “This model will become the prelude for our future models which will inherit the ‘joy of driving’ into the full-fledged electrified future and embody Honda’s unalterable sports mindset.”

If you are hoping this concept sees production, Mibe offers some encouraging words. “The Prelude Concept is a specialty sports model that will offer exhilarating experience that makes you want to keep going forever and extraordinary excitement you never felt before.”

It’s worth being skeptical about the Prelude’s return, especially as an EV, but it seems like there is some hope that it will spend some time in a factory. There will be big question marks surrounding what direction Honda would go for its underpinnings, as is the case with any concept car.

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