Honda Will Show Off an EV Sports Car Concept Next Month

acura electric vision design concept teaser images
Honda Debuting EV Sports Car Concept Next MonthAcura

Honda on Tuesday announced plans to debut multiple new electric concepts at the Japan Mobility Show 2023, the event formerly known as the Tokyo Motor Show. One of those, named the Specialty Sports Concept, will represent the brand's first preview of an electric performance car.

Pictured above: The Acura Electric Vision Design Study, a concept first teased in August.

The brand says that its exhibits at the show will split between "Honda mobility products designed to transcend the constraints" and "Honda mobility products designed to augment abilities and possibilities. Honda puts the Specialty Sports Concept in the first category, adding that it "will enable the driver to experience the pure joy of driving (driving pleasure) and transcend the constraints of time." While it is unlikely that the project is capable of time travel, the concept should stand out against other EVs by showing Honda's apparent focus on driving experience in their electric performance line.

Could that be our best look yet at an electric NSX? While an NSX-style concept would align with quotes from Acura executive John Ikeda shared last September, Acura has already teased an NSX-adjacent concept of its own. This Honda concept could be a teaser of the same final production car, but it could also be our first look at another type of sports car entirely. Honda once sold the first-generation NSX and S2000 side by side. Would the company be willing to repeat that with EVs?

Whether the concept represents an electrified replacement for the NSX or something else entirely, we will have a much stronger sense of how Honda plans to approach performance EVs in the near future. The Japan Mobility Show 2023 begins with press days on October 25.

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