2015 Honda CR-V

Up to 27 MPG city / 34 MPG hwy
$23,445 - $32,895

In the fiercely competitive and constantly growing Crossover SUV market, pioneer CR-V faces intimidating competition from every corner of the globe. Minor changes from last generation's 2.4-liter inline-four cylinder engine manage to gain power (5 horses) and economy (1 MPG in the city and 3 on the highway) while not changing much in the way of actual performance. Having shed 139 pounds also means less work for the tweaked five-speed automatic transmission, and adequate as it may be, it's still a wonder why Honda hasn't moved to a six-speed transmission to further improve fuel-economy and freeway passing response like much of the competition. Response time for loading the spacious 70.9 cubic-feet rear cargo area is of no concern thanks to a clever one-step folding backseat that falls totally flat, and is easily accessible from the low cargo load height. For quick weekend getaways with the whole family, the rear seats can be left up for an ample 37.2 cubic-feet of cargo space while the kids watch the available Honda Rear DVD Entertainment System in the EX-L trim level. While styling and performance may not be on par with newcomers like the Mazda CX-5, there's no arguing with Honda's refinement and reliability. See more... See Less

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Comfortable layout - from driver's seat The wind noise when i'm on bluetooth. everyone says it sounds so windy.
Quality of workmanship-feeling of reliability and quality. Rear design - intefenes with rear visibility
Overall design- the vehicle just seems to fit me Rear hatch window does not open. would help in transport of longer stock
Standard features in base model is a big plus Highway mileage - advertised 30 mpg / actual 21.1
Ease of converting passenger space to cargo space Acceleration - need more power to pass a vehicle
Vehicle is very quiet during operation Front seat cushion - uncomfortable on long trips
Engine / transmission: like mpg & smoothness of transmission Rocky ride - a deal breaker for next car
Vehicle interior comfort and braking responsiveness Air conditioning - it takes forever for rear passengers to feel the air.
Audio - great sound and with satellite no commercials! Gas cap release - placed in a difficult place to reach. dangerous
Econ button for improving mileage. -