Honda's first production V8 sadly wasn't designed for a sports car

Honda's first production V8 sadly wasn't designed for a sports car

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It took several decades, but Honda has finally released its first commercially-available V8 engine. The catch is that it won't power the next-generation NSX. Designed by Honda Marine, the eight-cylinder is an outboard motor called BF350 designed to power 25-plus-foot boats.

Detailed online ahead of its presentation at a trade show in Florida in October 2023, the BF350 stands proud as the flagship engine in the Honda Marine range. It's a 5.0-liter V8 that develops 350 horsepower at the propeller shaft while burning 86-octane gasoline, and the brand notes that its new engine offers a broader, flatter torque curve than many rival units. This is essential, because it sounds like the BF350 will end up used in a diverse variety of applications ranging from enthusiasts who have a boat for pleasure to folks who have a boat for work.

Honda's decades-long expertise in building automotive engines helped its Marine division develop the V8; the BF350 notably features the familiar VTEC system. We hope that the technology sharing goes both ways, because the new engine also features a system called Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLAST) that advances the ignition timing during "hammer-down" acceleration to noticeably improve performance and acceleration. While this is happening, the engine control module (ECM) increases injector timing to create a more powerful air/fuel mixture.