Houston Dodge Charger Chase Ends In A Blaze Of Glory

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Houston Dodge Charger Chase Ends In A Blaze Of Glory
Houston Dodge Charger Chase Ends In A Blaze Of Glory

A suspect in a Dodge Charger took police in Houston, Texas on a high-speed chase that ended in a sparky crash on the freeway. The Mopar muscle car clipped a pickup truck, which caused the back end to lift up, and when it came back down a shower of sparks shot out from the chassis. Something back there was smoking before, possibly the hub, but thankfully those sparks didn’t find a fuel source.

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The suspect then took off on foot along with a dog that also got out of the Charger. That’s a new one we haven’t seen before. The guy and the pooch didn’t get away but instead were almost immediately caught after they ran off on foot.

Yet again, we get some of the dumbest commentary from the news anchors as they show off how little the understand about cars of police chases. One calls the Charger a “maroon Dodge Challenger.” There’s talk about whether this police chase should be called a “chase.” At one point the male anchor says it looks like the chase has gone into a residential neighborhood when the Charger is clearly speeding past warehouses in an industrial area. It’s like watching an NFL game on Amazon Prime with insufferable commentary and the camera constantly cutting over to see if Taylor Swift is eating nachos yet.


While the chase is unfolding, the anchors are praising a new chase policy for Houston police the anchors characterize as less aggressive. Is that because the chase will probably last longer and thus increase ratings for the broadcast? Or is it because the suspect will go through more intersections and so the risk of a horrific collision increases?

The male anchor makes the “error” of referring to the suspect as a “he” and his colleague immediately corrects him. After all, this is 2023 and women can break the law every bit as egregiously as men! That same anchor also talked about the suspect “locking up the brake lights.” That’s what happens when you don’t top off the brake light fluid.

When you watch the video, just turn the sound down to enjoy it without the commentary. It’s better that way.

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