The Hummer EV EarthCruiser Is a Very Large Electric Off-Road Camper

gmc hummer ev earthcruiser upfit package release photos
The Hummer EV EarthCruiser Is an Off-Road CamperGMC

The growing popularity of off-roading and overlanding has had a real impact on automaker’s product plans. Just a few weeks after teasing an overlanding-focused variant of the Hummer EV pickup, GMC shared details on Thursday on the upcoming GMC Hummer EV EarthCruiser up-fit package.

It will come as no surprise to overlanding fans that GMC decided to team up with Oregon-based EarthCruiser on this up-fitting project. EarthCruiser builds some of the best-equipped (and most expensive) off-road campers on the market. Outside of the transparent size of its products, EarthCruiser has also made a name for itself by way of its unique carbon-fiber camper monocoques. The GMC Hummer EV is the latest vehicle to receive that treatment, with the new “house” section being integrated directly into the EV’s chassis.

The camper takes up the truck’s bed, while adding a bit of skin over the roofline like a traditional motorhome. The package is not compatible with the SUV models. The camper itself is not the most flattering addition to the Hummer’s already cartoonish proportions, but it will look right at home out on the trails. With the camper folded up, the Hummer EV EarthCruiser measures 90 inches tall, up from 79.1 inches in stock form. With the camper folder out, the truck measures 117 inches tall. The pop-up section of the camper is backed by the brand’s tri-layer insulation, which ensures it will remain comfortable in all weather conditions. There’s a ton of integrated storage built into the camper shell, as well as a number of scene lights to make sure you’re not setting up in the dark.


EarthCruiser is masters at laying out the interior of an overlanding rig, and this GMC Hummer EV up fit is no different. The design work is handsome and properly modern for an electric machine, making good use of the limited space at hand. The truck comes equipped with items like an Induction cooktop, a fridge and freezer, a sink, and integrated storage that can hold up to off-road conditions. There’s even an indoor shower, as well as an additional outdoor unit for when you have a bit more privacy. There’s also a flat-pack toilet for taking care of business. Those appliances come backed by a 13.5-gallon fresh water tank, which feeds into a seven-gallon gray water system. An onboard solar system provides 605W of juice, backed by an additional 6-kWh lithium battery running the 12-volt gear. This should provide up to seven days of power to the camper appliances, without eating into the Hummer’s own range capacity. A 7-inch touchscreen allows you to control a number of the camper’s functions from the countertop.

GMC has yet to share any range estimates for this modified Hummer, but don’t expect them to be great. Despite the extensive carbon usage, camper hardware is heavy stuff. Add in your typical overlanding supplies, and this thing is destined to be a weighty truck. Then there's also the drag brought on by the camper shell and that range figure drops further.

gmc hummer ev earthcruiser upfit package release photos

The GMC Hummer EV EarthCruiser up-fit package is slated to be available for customers next year, with pricing and further details coming before 2024. Electric vehicle off-roading is still in its early days, but GMC is wasting no time trying to make its mark. It will be fascinating to see how this up-fit process impacts the truck’s overall usability, particularly where range is concerned. Considering how expensive this thing is destined to be, that range might prove to be a sticking point with hardcore off-roaders.

The truck will make its public debut on August 25 at Overland Expo Mountain West in Loveland, Colorado.

gmc hummer ev earthcruiser upfit package release photos

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