Husband’s Road Rage Is Destroying The Marriage

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Husband’s Road Rage Is Destroying The Marriage
Husband’s Road Rage Is Destroying The Marriage

We ran across an interesting advice column from The Denver Post recently which caught our eye. Usually we don’t read such things, but this one was from a wife explaining how her husband’s habitual road rage is ruining their marriage is interesting.

Man almost run over in road rage fight.

In the letter to advice columnist R. Eric Thomas, the woman tells how her husband’s problem is so bad he “turns into a road-raging fool” every time they go anywhere. She says the last time they went on vacation, it was cut short because of a road rage incident – that sounds extreme.


The woman explains that her husband’s road rage is so bad it’s wrecking their lives and marriage. She states that she won’t “support him in public” while he behaves that way on the road, claiming a brush with cancer made her husband even angrier behind the wheel.

Of course we’re getting one side of the story. To be perfectly clear, we don’t endorse road rage to any degree, but we know a lot of people engage in it without thinking. We wish it weren’t a problem in society, but it seems to be worsening.

That said, there are things about what the woman says which make us skeptical. She talks about how her husband’s road rage makes her PTSD spike. While a very real condition, we’ve known many people who have self-diagnosed themselves and use it as a reason why others have to do exactly what they want.

Is that the case here? We can’t say.

But we do know that what’s road rage to one person is just appropriately aggressive driving to another. It might be the husband is just mumbling under his breath about how dumb other drivers are, not yelling out of his window about what he’s going to do to them, but his wife is interpreting his actions like he is screaming.

It sounds like she’s dealing with a lot of stress, which can make anyone more sensitive to negative situations. Does that mean she’s overreacting to what’s actually mild driving behavior? Since we’re not in the car with her husband, we couldn’t even begin to weigh in on that. But it does make us wonder.

Read the letter for yourself here and tell us what you think. Is the husband a road rager or is the wife blowing things out of proportion?

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