Hyundai May Build the Throwback of Our Dreams

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hyundai vision 74 for mass production
Hyundai May Build The Throwback of Our DreamsHyundai

Among the cruel and barren struggle we call life, a ray of hope; perhaps our prayers do not go unanswered; A Korean financial publication announced that Hyundai's breathtaking Vision 74 concept is headed for mass production.

According to the report, which appeared in Money Today (and was filtered through Google Translate), Hyundai will unveil the production version of the concept at an event called "Pony Day" later this month.

hyundai vision 74 concept may make it to production

As a refresher, the Vision 74 concept was released to rave reviews late last year. It's plain to see why. Enthusiasts praised the concept's Giugiaroesque lines and pined for its plainly sporty identity at a time when futurism has never looked more stodgy. It's unclear whether a production version would stick with the concept's hydrogen hybrid powerplant, but it seems far more likely we'd receive a fully electric Vision 74, should the car make it to dealer showrooms.

Hyundai has maintained its Vision 74 landing page, outlining the concept vehicle's relationship to the Hyundai Pony Coupe concept, which bowed in 1974. One Hyundai exec even said he'd like to see the car on public roads. Perhaps its wishful thinking, but Hyundai poured a ton of resources into building and maintaining the momentum of the Vision 74 concept since it was unveiled. Most concepts are built to cause a splash at an auto show, to grab a headline or two, then to die in obscurity.

This feels like something different.

If a production car ever exists, and should it stick as closely as possible to the concept vehicle's visual identity (which is not unprecedented from Hyundai), the Korean company would have a surefire hit on its hands. We reached out to Hyundai N's American PR to confirm the rumors, and will update this story when we hear back.

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