Impaired Canuck Camaro Driver Crashes Big

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Don’t drink and drive, kids…

Driving any vehicle while impaired, whether it be by alcohol or another substance, is just a bad idea. To help remind everyone of what the outcome might be, Canada Man wrecked out big in his 6th Gen Camaro back on February 28 with West Shore Royal Canadian Mounted Police (they don’t like being called Mounties, so you know) blasting the crash photo out.

The US federal government is working on a solution to this problem you can read about here.

Thankfully, this driver didn’t hit anyone else but instead was involved in a single-vehicle accident on the Trans-Canada Highway in Langford, British Columbia. Everything went sideways, literally, when the driver was traveling on the highway onramp, the poor Chevy Camaro rolling several times.

Unfortunately, the driver and passenger both sustained minor injuries, although it could’ve been so much worse. Both were okay enough they got out of the car without any help. When officers arrived on scene they noticed the 24-year-old male was showing signs he was impaired, so they investigated and found he was over the legal blood alcohol concentration. Not good.

In the aftermath, the broken 6th Gen Camaro was impounded for 30 days and the driver picked up a nice 90-day Immediate Roadside Driving Prohibition, which with a name like that should be self-explanatory.

Sadly, we’ve seen many fatal accidents involving impaired drivers. It’s always a stupid decision to make but for some reason people keep thinking they’re fine to drive home. This is why we encourage anyone who’s going out for a night of drinking, etc. that they either have a designated driver or call for an Uber or a similar service. Not only could you kill someone else or yourself, you could absolutely wreck your ride and pick up all kinds of fines, jacked up insurance rates, and possibly spend some time locked up. It’s just not worth it.

Image via West Shore Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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