Impound Lot Sells Stolen Car, Refuses To Give Proceeds To Owner

Cars parked in the garage and cast their shadows
Cars parked in the garage and cast their shadows

A woman in St. Louis, Missouri is seeking compensation after her car was stolen recovered and sold. Her 2006 Pontiac G6 was recovered by the police, but the city tow lot sold the vehicle without informing the aggrieved owner that it was even found. Now, the lot is stating that the owner doesn’t deserve the proceeds from the sale.

Rachel Addison wasn’t even able to get her G6 insured before it was taken. She told KTVI that she bought the sedan for $3,000. The impound lot only sold the G6 for $650. She called the lot for a month, hoping that the Pontiac would show up. However, the lot admitted to the TV station that it violated protocol in selling the car:

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