Indiana Man Arrested For Power Wheels Jeep DUI

Indiana Man Arrested For Power Wheels Jeep DUI
Indiana Man Arrested For Power Wheels Jeep DUI

Police had to walk extra fast to catch up.

An Indiana man is facing a felony charge after he was caught operating a Power Wheels Jeep while under the influence. We’ve seen cases of people caught operating everything from a bicycle to a horse and buggy while intoxicated, but we have to say this might be a first for such an infraction while driving a Power Wheels toy.

Man crashes his Camaro into a house and casually answers the front door when police arrive.

According to Indiana State Police, on the night of August 23 a trooper who was patrolling in Vincennes in the southwestern part of the state spotted the little Jeep being driven by 51-year-old John McKee. Per a press release, the most concerning part of the odd scenario was that the Power Wheels “had no lights or reflectors and was difficult to see.”


Fair enough, the guy could’ve been plowed over by a driver who couldn’t see him, but we’d still be suspicious if a guy had functioning lights on a children’s toy he was driving in the road. Basically, we’d expect there was something seriously off about anyone who thinks driving such a thing in the street, at night or in the day.

The trooper subjected McKee to field sobriety tests, which the man failed. Investigating his condition further, the Indiana trooper took McKee to the hospital where it was determined the man was under the influence of both meth and marijuana. And there we have it, the true reason why the guy thought driving a Power Wheels in the road was a good idea.

Now McKee is facing a felony charge for operating a vehicle while intoxicated with a prior conviction. But the big question we have is who’s the owner of the Power Wheels Jeep? Did McKee, a 51-year-old man buy it for himself or maybe a grandchild? Did he steal it from a neighbor? That part of the story is shrouded in mystery.

Images via Indiana State Police, Facebook