IndyCar Driver Spins Three Times at 200 MPH, Saves It

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IndyCar Driver Spins Three Times, Save ItIndyCar / Twitter

IndyCar's races at Texas Motor Speedway have not been the same since the track installed a groove of PJ1, a grip compound for stock cars. In an IndyCar, that same compound dramatically reduces grip on the darkened high line and l can lead to dramatic loss of control at speeds of 210 MPH or more. As Ed Carpenter Racing driver Conor Daly saw in practice today, though, spinning in the PJ1 at full speed does not always necessarily lead to a crash.

Daly's car snapped out of control at the exit of turn 4 while running side-by-side with rookie Benjamin Pederson, who dives out of the way just as Daly's car comes within a foot of his sidepod. Daly is in the middle of the track, next to Pederson and just ahead of Callum Ilott, for the entire first spin. Normally, a car either straightens out or finds something to hit by then. But this was not an ordinary spin.

Daly's car spins a full second rotation into the infield grass, rejoining while still spinning out of control. The third full rotation put the car on a path to hit the wall outside at the start/finish line, but Daly successfully slowed the car enough to straighten it out at the very end of the third spin without stopping. He comes back into full control right at the flag stand, almost as if finishing a perfect, intentional stunt.

Other than a surely ruined set of tires, the car appears undamaged. Daly should be able to race tomorrow, but he will have to move through the field quickly after qualifying 25th earlier today.

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