That Insanely Popular Magnetic Wristband Is Under $13 on Amazon Right Now

That Insanely Popular Magnetic Wristband Is Under $13 on Amazon Right Now

Being one of the best dads today is to be a kind-of modern-day renaissance man who knows how to quickly (and cleanly) change a diaper, sings along with both old-school jams and the newest hits, understands soccer’s offside rule, can and will gladly cook for carnivores and vegans alike, takes proper care of his skin, bakes bread, loves a good workout, builds furniture without much fuss, will never turn down a bubble bath and isn’t ashamed to admit he’s lost and needs directions.

Not only is a leveled-up dad a benefit to his family, and society in general, but it also means that the best gifts for new dads are now far easier and more fun to find, because the choices are virtually limitless — from a crackling candle to small batch coffee, and hi-tech gear to a hot sauce making kit.

The brand-new dad in your life will probably say that gifts for dads aren’t necessary and that the baby is the best gift of all. He’s not lying, but still, it’s nice to give him something useful, fun and beautiful to make his life smell, taste, function and be just plain better. With that in mind, here are some amazing gifts for any awesome new dad, most under $50, with many far more affordable than that.

And, if there are more great guys in your life who deserve presents, also check out our suggestions for the best gifts for father-in-laws, gifts for grandpas and best Father's Day gifts for newbie and veteran dads alike.

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Digital Photo Frame



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We dads are a sentimental bunch. Even those with a crunchy outer shell will melt when they see photos and videos of their kids growing up, laughing and participating in sports or their other passions. With this affordable smart frame, dads, along with friends and family, can send pics to the frame remotely and see them pop up immediately in the slideshow.

Magnetic Wristband



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It doesn’t matter if the new dad in your life is an amateur handyman or struggles to assemble the most basic baby furniture, he’s going to love wearing this magnetic wristband. It’ll make him look like a superhero and is practical enough to help dad never lose a screw, washer, nut, bolt or IKEA Allen wrench!

Diaper Bag Backpack



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Diaper bags, like dads themselves, have come a long way. This handsome backpack-style bag not only has storage for all of a new dad's essential supplies — bottles, wipes, backup outfits and burp clothes — and has charging ports. Best of all, this bag converts into a pack-n-play for babies on the go.

Wood Phone Docking Station



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This is a classy clubhouse for his phone to charge and all of his things — rings, wristwatches, fit bit, cufflinks, glasses, keys, earbuds and more — to hang out together. It's a perfect antidote for the chaos that happens when the baby comes home.

Engraved Wooden Watches



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Commemorate the day he went from dude to dad with this stunning wooden watch that can be customized with a meaningful engraving of your choice.

Par Three Putting Green



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He may need to take a bit of bre

Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders



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The new dad in your life may not have realized it just yet, but he probably will soon: eventually, everything will hurt. This soft and comfortable weighted heating pad will help to soothe his sore neck and shoulders.

Pizza Pie & Slice Matching Shirt and Bodysuit



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When they wear these coordinating outfits, everyone will know that Dad and his mini-me are part of a package deal. The set comes in several colors.

RFID Slim Wallet



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Hi-tech, impossibly cool looking, and functional — no, we're not describing the new dad in your life. This is a wallet he'll love sliding into his back pocket knowing that RFID signals are being blocked and his valuable credit card information is safe and secure.

Hot Sauce Making Kit

DIY Gift Kits


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With four different pepper varieties and seven recipes included, dads can customize hot sauce to their own spice level with this rad DIY kit.

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Bluetooth Beanie



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No need for earbuds or headphones on those runs, hikes or long stroller walks when he's wearing this handsome beanie. He’ll be able to stream favorite tunes, engrossing new podcast episodes and audiobooks while keeping his head warm in almost any weather.

Lyrically Correct

Lyrically Correct


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If he is always quoting lyrics from Wu-Tang Clan, put his hip-hop knowledge to the test. This music trivia deck has 150 cards urging guys to rap and rhyme their way to victory.

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Personalized Baby Block

Palmetto Wood Shop


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New dads are likely to see, step over and unfortunately step on, many baby blocks, but none of those blocks will be as special as this keepsake — a customized, engraved wooden block with your baby's name, weight, birthdate and time.

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Fair Trade Coffee Blend

BLK & Bold


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Delicious coffee that makes an impact in the community makes a stellar gift. This Black-owned business gives 5% of its profits toward youth programming, workforce development and eradicating youth homelessness. With every sip, he will know that his morning Joe is making a difference.

(BLK & Bold)
Dada Shirt



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Let’s be honest, T-shirts designed for guys are too often a graphic design horror show, with a variety of fonts, colors and every inch of printable space being maxed-out. That’s what makes the sleek DA DA and RAD DAD shirts from Inkopious special — it’s got so much minimalist style!

Facial Fuel



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Historically speaking, men have been terrible at taking care of themselves. Encourage the new dad in your life to start prioritizing skincare with the help of the energizing face wash. Adding this quick wash to his daily deodorant-shave-cologne routine will set dad up for a brilliant day.

100 Trails, 5,000 Ideas

National Geographic


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This new National Geographic book gives thousands of ideas for the next big adventure for him, and soon, his kid, to find the best campsites, overlooks, and trails in the U.S. and Canada. There are also essential tips and advice, along with history worth knowing, for exploring stunning natural sights.

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White Noise Sound Machine



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Pop open a bottle of wine, laugh at James Acaster's Netflix comedy specials and kiss on the couch while some music plays, all without worrying about waking the baby. This portable white noise machine, highly rated by the Good Housekeeping Institute, will have dad’s baby sleeping peacefully, blissfully unaware of the life and love continuing to be enjoyed outside their nursery room door.

Vinyl Records

Legacy Recordings


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Vinyl hasn't made a comeback so much as it’s been embraced by a whole new generation as undeniably the best way to hear and experience recorded music. Buy him a vinyl record (or two) of his favorite albums, old or new. From Miles Davis to De La Soul, SZA to Zach Bryan, most artists from yesterday and today have and are releasing their music on vinyl.

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Album Frames



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Some album covers are gorgeous pieces of art in and of themselves. For example, a Depeche Mode Violator LP, with that legendary and evocative red rose, is going to look amazing on the wall above dad's turntable!

Daddy's Sippy Cup Whiskey Glass



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Is it a little bit stereotypical to assume all dads like whiskey? Yeah, but it's also undeniable that this "sippy cup" for new dads is absolutely hilarious...whether there's a single barrel bourbon or a good craft root beer being poured in.

The Ultimate Stay-at-Home Dad

Penguin Life


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Whether he already is or dreams of one day becoming an at-home dad, this hilarious manual for full-time fathering from Shannon Carpenter, a dad who's been there and done it all, is a must. It will have your new dad prepared to cook, clean and cope with everything from the mental health concerns to relationship strains that can also be delivered with a new baby.

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Beard Care Kit

Scotch Porter


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He is going to be busy changing diapers, helping with midnight feedings and maybe even making baby food from scratch and/or cleaning breast pump equipment daily. Help him keep his personal grooming game on point with vegan balm, conditioner and serum set for his handsome beard, from an awesome Black-owned business.

(Scotch Porter)
Grass-Fed Beef Jerky



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If he's into Whole30, Paleo or Keto, or even if he just needs a quick snack between diaper changes, these high-protein mini jerky sticks from will keep him well-fed.

rilogy Candle



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New parents need to find ways to exhale and unwind each day. Dads will love not only the earthy, natural smells of this trilogy candle (Fireside, Redwood, Sandalwood) but also the crackle from the wooden wick. Whether it's romance or stillness dad desires, WoodWick candles always deliver.

Retro Kodak Film Camera



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Countless digital photos will be taken, and every new milestone is sure to be captured on video. But he will love not only the look and feel of this retro film camera but also the old-school giddiness of getting film developed, and seeing his baby appear in vintage images that remind him of his own childhood photos.

Death at the Dive Bar Game

Hunt A Killer


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Doting on a new baby is a must-do, of course, but it's also crucial for new parents to care for themselves, and continue to maintain their most cherished friendships. This immersive murder mystery game is the perfect way to have fun, laugh, engage and strengthen bonds with family and friends alike.

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Snack Box

Universal Yums

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New babies really slam the brakes on exciting travel plans, but this mystery snack box can still let dads go around the world. Filled with fascinating goodies from a variety of countries, this snack pack is a great entry point into the world of Universal Yums subscription boxes.

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Shaping + Styling Tool

The Cut Buddy


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Dads can keep those beards, mustaches and hairlines neat with this guide for a trimmer or razor. (And, if he is into cable TV, yes, he might have seen this one on Shark Tank.) You can also pair it with an ear or nose hair trimmer, since everyone jokingly quips that fatherhood will make gray hairs go quicker than usual, but no one ever informs dads about the onslaught of ear, nose and eyebrow hairs that come with them (and seem to have a mind of their own).

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100 Questions for Dad Journal

Rockridge Press


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The best journals for dads will include many thought-provoking prompts capable of encouraging even the most reserved dad to open up, reflect, and be vulnerable as a way of fully documenting their story thus far, and his hopes for the future. I wrote this one, and it checks all those boxes! 100 Questions for Dad would make a fine gift for a new dad.

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When a new baby comes home, he is going to need so much! These new-dad gift are useful, personal, meaningful and all-around helpful.