Inside MTG’s Batshit Protest During ATF Inspection at Georgia Gun Store

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Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Reuters
Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Reuters

Marjorie Taylor Greene is up to her old tricks—this time, protesting a routine ATF inspection of a Georgia gun store Monday under the guise that there apparently were too many agents from “blue states” conducting the operation.

“It’s not normal to be out-of-state,” Greene complained to an ATF official, referring to the agents. “16 of ’em, and most of ’em are out-of-state.”

In a follow-up tweet, Greene complained the search was carried out by “agents from the bluest parts of the country.”

Just don’t tell Greene that Georgia has two Democratic senators, Fever Dreams host Kelly Weill joked on this week’s episode.

Wisecracks aside, the entire situation portends badly for the future of American politics, Weill and co-host Will Sommer both agreed.

Interestingly, however, was the way this incident was broadcast to the wider world—by Brian Glenn, the program director for the far-right outlet Right Side Broadcasting Network and an especially close friend of Greene’s. Glenn and Greene were snapped by The Daily Mail last November schmoozing during a junket at her home in Rome, Georgia, with the website noting the two were “inseparable.” Glenn even showed up at her house with his suitcase—though he strenuously denied the rumors that the two were an item.

The broadcasting network was one of the few outlets at the scene of Monday’s confrontation, which leads Sommer to question how Glenn knew of the brouhaha. Weill, for her part, says she’s just happy the notoriously press-averse congresswoman seems to be warming up to the Fourth Estate.

“Listen, it’s nice to actually see Marjorie Taylor Greene love the press for once, so I’m not going to challenge it,” Weill said.

Then, investigative reporter Luke O’Brien joins the podcast to talk about the ongoing trial of Douglass Mackey, a 33-year-old alt-right figure dubbed the “Disinformation King” by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Despite the fact that Mackey allegedly engaged in election interference, he’s become a cause célèbre in right-wing circles—even garnering a number of segments on Tucker Carlson’s primetime Fox News show.

“Tucker Carlson is using this to prove a whole meta-narrative about the Department of Justice being weaponized by liberals or Democrats, which is laughable, frankly,” O’Brien said. “None of the right-wing junk media sites that are doing the same thing as Tucker Carlson have anyone there covering the trial. I mean, they’re just using it for propaganda purposes.”

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Plus! Benny Johnson, the former BuzzFeed writer who was fired for plagiarism before becoming a right-wing media star, ditches Newsmax in order to pursue an independent career.

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