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Jaguar started making motorcycle sidecars in the early 20s before ultimately going on to design some of the most beautiful and iconic passenger cars in the world. The heart-achingly beautiful E-Type is often claimed to be the best-designed car of all time. The British firm also has a long successful racing history, though their racing involvement is minimal at the moment. Jaguar has often suffered from reliability issues, not greatly aided by Ford's ownership from 1989 to 2008. Since being purchased by Tata Motors, an Indian manufacturing giant, Jaguar has seen a rebirth in design and dynamics that has enthusiasts once again crowing that Jags are the coolest cars in the world.

Jaguar's lineup consists of four unique cars, all of which have inspired fanatical followings, as the automaker appears to be entering a new golden age. The XF midsize sedan, beautifully styled inside and out, is available in tamer turbocharged four-cylinder form, or outrageous XFR-S guise with a 550 horsepower supercharged V8. The luxury sedan XJ and long wheelbase XJL, VIP saloons both, can be made with a range of drivetrains including AWD and a soon-to-be-available V8. Jaguar has always been defined by its sports cars and the XK doesn't disappoint. It has a subtle and elegant shape in hardtop or convertible form propelled by a range of V8s. The only XK not available with a soft top is the purpose-built XKR-S GT. But nothing defines the new Jaguar quite like the F-Type, the E-Types spiritual successor. Debuting at the Paris Motor Show in 2012, the F-Type, a stunning two-door masterpiece, stunned onlookers with its clean lines and definitive growl. It will be remembered as one of the great cars of its age. The F-Type is a swagger in the step of the new Jaguar, a pure return to form, and sign of a permanent attitude adjustment.
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