Jake Gyllenhaal seems genuinely shocked to learn Dennis Quaid has played his dad before

Look, do you remember every time you’ve touched Dennis Quaid?
Look, do you remember every time you’ve touched Dennis Quaid?

Jake Gyllenhaal seems to have been genuinely shocked during a recent Yahoo! Entertainment junket interview for Disney’s new animated film Strange World—in which actor Dennis Quaid voices his father—to learn that it’s not the first time he and Quaid have shared that particular faux-familial relationship. When a questioner asks Quaid about the pair’s previous collaboration, 2004's The Day After Tomorrow, Gyllenhaal gives a very convincing, very confused-sounding “We did?” and then proceeds to declare his mind blown.

Now, we do feel moved to note here that it is literally Jake Gyllenhaal’s job to lie convincingly about what he’s thinking and feeling, and also that he’s pulled junket shenanigans before—most notably playing along with a joke about the pronunciation of the word “melancholy” with director Dan Gilroy during the Velvet Buzzsaw press tour. (Look: You find the fun where you can with these things.) That being said, it’s not entirely impossible that he might genuinely have forgotten his and Quaid’s connection: The Day After Tomorrow was 18 years and 30 movies ago, and the film’s structure is such that Quaid and Gyllenhaal only appear in person together in one or two scenes. (It’s not like they were spending a ton of time together on the animated Strange World, either, at least outside of these press appearances.)

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If nothing else, Gyllenhaal presumably gave the person asking the question a bit of a thrill; not since someone asked him last year about showering—and then forced him to give a bunch of later interviews in which he clarified that he was joking about not showering—does Gyllenhaal appear to have been so emotionally affected by a question. “We’ve been doing a lot of interviews,” he notes, “And you just blew my mind.”

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