James Bond Release Surging Classic Car Prices

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Are you excited for the new 007 movie?

In late September the newest installment in the long-lasting James Bond franchise, No Time To Die, arrives in theaters. And while there’s plenty of controversy surrounding the release, it’s also reportedly having a noticeable effect on the classic car market. As you might expect, it’s the vehicles which are so closely associated with Agent 007 getting a big price bump.

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Of course, front and center is the Aston Martin DB5. While a beautiful car and respectable in its own rite, the fact it’s so inextricably associated with Britain’s most famous secret agent further adds to its appeal. Since it’s been featured in a total of 8 James Bond movies, it’s become more of a face for the franchise than the various actors who have starred in the films.

Other Bond cars affected positively by the upcoming release of No Time To Die include the BMW Z8 and Lotus Esprit. So far, the interest has been expressed by more online searches for the cars, with the DB5 seeing a 45 percent bump in the last 30 days. How that’s impacted prices isn’t entirely clear, but usually increased prices follow increased interest.

Originally, No Time To Die was slated to be released in April of 2020. However, the release of a novel coronavirus in China derailed that plan, which is why it’s coming out now. Thanks to COVID-19, some people won’t venture anywhere near a movie theater to see this show, but they might still be excited about the classic James Bond cars.

Others aren’t excited for what they believe will be an installment in the franchise which won’t reverence the stories told before. Even with these controversies, James Bond is still a force to be reckoned with, at least for now.

Source: Express

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