Jay Leno Stops C2 Corvette Disaster

Elizabeth Puckett
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A C2 Corvette was spared that day.

Shooting a popular TV show can be a meticulous and detailed process, everything must go perfectly or the producers run the risk of ruining the entire episode. Because of the almost OCD-like process, it is very easy for something to go wrong during filming. In some cases the actors might forget their lines, a bird might fly on set, someone might fall, or a myriad of other seemingly trivial things could destroy hours of filming. However, there is also the possibility of losing major assets during filming. There have been instances of losing extremely expensive props and even actors to crazy accidents. However, it would be really dumb to lose a high-dollar classic Corvette because someone forgot the parking brake.

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What I am referring to is a particular incident in which musician, Rick Springfield, and host of Jay Leno’s Garage, Jay Leno were meeting to film an episode. The enthusiasts were standing outside of a local restaurant, comparing cars, chatting, and generally just having fun. One way or another the two ended up sitting in each other's cars, inspecting the interior and examining the cars respectively. When they both got out of the cars to share their opinions on the vehicles Rick Springfield, who was in Jay Leno’s Lexus, began walking towards Jay, who was in Rick's Corvette. Suddenly the Lexus began to roll toward the 'Vette, Leno was able to get to the car in time to save the cars from a possibly disastrous mishap.

Apparently, the reason for the car’s rolling was the failure to ensure that the car was in the park on Rick, however, thankfully the situation was narrowly avoided and everyone was fine. It was a simple mistake that could have resulted in very expensive consequences. That would have been such a funny and ridiculous addition to the show, but were glad Jay was able to prevent the disaster.

There's not much else to this clip than the photos, you can see the full video here.

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