The Jeep Gladiator Gravity Is for Free-Solo Wannabes

Photo credit: Jeep
Photo credit: Jeep

From Car and Driver

  • The Gravity is a Jeep Gladiator covered in Jeep Performance Parts and rock-climbing-inspired styling touches.

  • Little styling touches like images of rock climbers and classic Jeeps are found throughout the truck.

  • This is one of six concepts specially made for Jeep’s annual Easter Safari in Moab, Utah.

Are you one of the many people who have seen the Oscar-winning climbing documentary Free Solo? Did it make you want to go out in the wilderness and scale some mountains? Or, at least, go to your local indoor rock-climbing facility? Then the Jeep Gladiator Gravity concept is for you. One of the six concepts created for 2019's Moab Easter Jeep Safari, the Gravity has been fitted with a number of Mopar and Jeep Performance Parts to create a truck made for people who "have a desire to reach greater heights."


After starting off with a Gladiator Rubicon painted in Punk'N Metallic Orange, Jeep enhanced the truck's capabilities by fitting a two-inch lift kit from the Jeep catalog, a set of 17-inch wheels with 35-inch tires, and thick powder-coated steel rock rails. There's also a front brush guard with seven-inch LED lights, five-inch lights mounted at the A-pillars, and a black Mopar grille. A cold-air intake and a cat-back exhaust system increase power, although Jeep doesn't say by how much.

Photo credit: Jeep
Photo credit: Jeep

But the biggest changes are more immediately noticeable. The Gladiator's full-size removable doors have been replaced by tube doors made from two-inch steel, which are available to purchase through Jeep. A "mesh sunbonnet" provides protection when the top is down, and special straps keep the foldable windshield secure. To hold all the climbing gear that one could want, Jeep has added a custom storage system of lockable sliding drawers to the bed, with a set of Mopar cross rails and a special cargo basket mounted on top of it.

Since it couldn't be a concept for the Easter Jeep Safari without a bunch of unique styling enhancements, the Gravity gets a number of Easter-egg touches to set it apart from regular Gladiators. A matte-black stripe on the hood features past versions of the iconic Jeep grille, and the clasps on the hood show the iconic military Willys Jeep in silhouette. At the side vents there's an image of a climber, uh, climbing, and the rear quarter-panels are adorned with a Jeep Performance Parts logo.

Photo credit: Jeep
Photo credit: Jeep

The inside is subtler than the outside, with black leather seats with Tungsten (dark gray) stitching and embroidered accents, Mopar grab handles, and a MOLLE bag system (that stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment). For the final touch, the floor mats have removable plugs for draining water and debris, which will surely get into the truck thanks to its "doors."

Some of the other concepts for this year's Easter Jeep Safari may be more exciting and fanciful, but the Gravity is just as important because it showcases the kinds of modifications that Jeep owners will actually be able to easily do to their own Gladiators. And if you know anything about Jeep owners, you know they love to mod their rigs. Expect to see a lot of Gladiators outfitted like the Gravity the next time you hit an off-road trail.

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