Frustrated Jeep Owner Turns Lemon Into Rap Video, Hilariously

·Managing Editor

If you’ve ever felt your complaint against a large corporation over a defective product was getting ignored, an Australian man’s rap about his Jeep Grand Cherokee will be your new jam.

Teg Sethi, a 32-year-old businessman from suburban Melbourne, bought his Grand Cherokee in 2013. In the years since, Sethi says the SUV has gone into limp home mode three times, emitted burning smells and generally proven unreliable enough for him to trust his family in it.

Unlike the United States, Australia does not have “lemon” laws that require automakers to buy back vehicles if they’re under repair for a certain amount of time—leaving owners suffering persistent complaints little recourse. Another Jeep owner was so frustrated by the lack of response from Fiat Chrysler’s Australia arm to his problems that he publicly destroyed his Jeep in protest.

Sethi took a more creative approach. According to The Advertiser, he spent $5,700 on crafting this rap video, complete with dancers, actors and a man in a lemon suit. “I recorded this song and made this music clip out of frustration,” he says, “as the dealer and Fiat Chrysler Australia have basically told me to bugger off.”

Fiat Chrysler’s Australian unit released a statement saying it couldn’t discuss Sethi’s case specifically, but that “FCA Australia continues to reach out to customers to find satisfactory solutions to complaints in accordance with the relevant laws in the country.” Fiat Chrysler did agree to an Australian government request in September to bolster its attention toward customer complaints. It’s unfortunate Sethi’s problems got so acute, but at least he, and we, can laugh about it.