Jeep Wrangler Willys 4xe quick look

So far, the Wrangler 4xe has only been available in extra fancy Sahara or extra off-roady Rubicon trims. For 2023, the Willys trim is being added to line, along with a slightly lower base price of $55,590 with destination. That's $600 less than the 2022 Sahara, and $770 less than the 2023 Sahara. It gets some familiar Willys trimmings such as the black grille, Willys hood decals and vintage "4-Wheel Drive" rear decal. But the decals get unique 4xe tweaks such as the blue accents around the Willys decals and the addition of "Electric" on the "4-Wheel Drive" decal. It also comes standard with a rear limited-slip differential, black 17-inch wheels with mud-terrain tires, rock rails, full-time four-wheel-drive and LED lighting, plus a nine-speaker audio system. The Willys can be ordered now, and deliveries are coming later this year.

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Video Transcript

- Hey, Jeremy from "Autoblog" here and we are looking at the 2023 Jeep Wrangler 4xe Willys edition. This is brand new for the 2023 model year. In 2022, only the Sahara, Rubicon, and then some other premium high-end Wrangler's got the 4xe treatment.

This will be the new base entry point, still powered by the same two-liter turbocharged engine, with 375 horsepower, 470 pounds feet of torque. And you still get the same low 20-ish miles of electric range every single day. But other than that, it is the Jeep Wrangler 4xe that we already know and love.