Jesus Christ Likes Fast Cars

Screenshot: Adeem the Artist
Screenshot: Adeem the Artist

It’s the 4th of July, folks, which means two things. Jalopnik has the day off, and it’s once again time for me to force you to listen to a relatively obscure song about cars. I mean, I can’t actually force you to listen to it, but I’m going to do my best anyway. There’s so much more music out there than what charts on the radio, and that’s especially true of Americana, country music’s smarter, better-looking, more talented and significantly gayer cousin. Rock and roll isn’t dead, it’s just roots-based now, and we’re all better off for it.

This time around, I’m going with Adeem the Artist’s “Fast Cars.” To be clear, it is not a cover of Tracy Chapman’s already outstanding “Fast Car.” Adeem has more talent in their left pinky than Luke Combs has in total and doesn’t need to rely on cheap covers to find success.

Granted, Combs’s music is significantly better than a lot of what you might have heard in recent years, and the era of bro-country is largely over. Fingers crossed, I will never again be subjected to the sound of Jason Aldean trying to rap ever again. But also, “Beer Never Broke My Heart” is objectively better as a pop-punk song.


Anyway, where were we? Oh yeah. Fast Cars. It’s just some good, old-fashioned rock and roll with a dash of blasphemy thrown in. And with a chorus like, “Jesus Christ likes fast cars/Pedal to the metal because he’s Lord/Never had a whip that didn’t have two doors/Jesus Christ likes fast cars,” you can probably guess where this is going. It isn’t exactly deep, but it’s fun as hell, and more people should give Adeem’s music a listen.

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