Jim Wagner's 1969 Trans Am 400 in Alaska Hides in Alaska

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A remarkable collection of old-school muscle cars has been uncovered in Alaska, with the highlight being a rare 1969 Trans Am 400.

A crucial part of successful barn finds is networking at car shows and meeting fellow enthusiasts. After meeting Preston and his father Terry at a Fairbanks, Alaska car event, Barn Find Hunter Tom Cotter decided to visit their home in North Pole, Alaska. The father-son duo had an impressive collection of cars to show off, many in original condition, untouched and unrestored.

Upon arrival, a stunning collection of restored classics immediately caught the eye. However, hidden under covers were several breathtaking vintage cars, perfect for the Barn Find Hunter's interests. The collection included a 1969 Ford Torino Cobra with an unusual combination of options: original green paint, black interior, factory hood pins, air conditioning, and an automatic transmission, but no tachometer. According to the Marti Report, it was the only one ordered with a clock, making it a unique car.


The collection also featured a pair of Mustangs: a 1967 Fastback, the only one ordered in Candy Apple Red with a 289 C-code V8 and styled wheels, and a 1965 convertible purchased from the same original owner. The convertible is another C-code 289 car but has a 3-speed transmission, unlike the 4-speed in the Fastback.

Behind the house, the backyard resembled a Pontiac graveyard with several rare cars, some to be used for parts and others awaiting restoration. The highlight of the collection was a 1969 Trans Am 400 Ram Air IV, purchased from Pontiac executive Jim Wanger. Although not a barn find, having been restored by Pontiac, it still struck awe in everyone present.

Keeping true to the spirit of the hobby, Preston even offered Tom Cotter a chance to take the beautiful Trans Am for a ride, showcasing the camaraderie and passion that classic car enthusiasts share.

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