Katt Williams Is Ready For the Apocalypse, Shocking Footage Shows A Mustang Hitting A School Bus, And More

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Katt Williams is the proud new owner of an outrageous new vehicle, scammers used a Road Runner as bait, Russians show us how to wash a driving car, and shocking footage from the inside of a school bus that got hit by a Mustang. Here's what we talked about:

The Headlines...

Katt Williams Is Ready For Apocalypse With Hellfire Truck

Katt Williams is possibly one of the funniest and most underrated comedians to ever find a home on stage with a mic in their hand. Combining his extravagant nature with the flamboyant lifestyle of hip/hop, he created a character that had audiences rolling for decades. One of the most iconic aspects of that style has always been unique custom cars that show off the driver's wealth and status. Typically, these vehicles are called lowriders, but that is certainly not the only sort of car capable of presenting the "baller" life. Mr. Williams has recently acquired a vehicle that proves that trucks can be just as baroque.

This is a 6x6 Apocalypse Hellfire truck that sports more than just good looks and massive tires. Powering this enormous beast is apparently a 3.0-liter eco diesel V6 engine that has a strong focus on low-end torque figures. Essentially, the truck is built for towing and offroading which it does exceptionally well with 600 ft/lbs of torque. With that in mind, it's a hilarious thought to imagine the 5' 5" comedian bouncing up and down in his massive kevlar-coated turbo-diesel truck as he transverses rough terrain. This performance is impressive, but what makes it unique from other Apocalypse vehicles?

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Guy Tries Buying 1969 Plymouth Road Runner, Gets Scammed Instead

An unnamed 59-year-old man in Rowan County, North Carolina recently came across his dream car, a 1969 Plymouth Road Runner, on the ListedBuy website. He liked the price and the muscle car looked good, so he arranged for a wire transfer of $23,400 to be sent to a bank in Florida. The agreement was that the North Carolina man would receive the Plymouth within 9 days of the receipt of those funds, but it never showed up.

Frustrated, the buyer tried contacting the seller, only the email address he’d been communicating with was not longer in service. What’s more, the bank account in Florida was closed the day after the funds that were wired over had been withdrawn.

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Guys Attempts To Wash A Moving Camaro

Washing your car is a necessary, albeit normally boring, task. Well, some crazy Russians decided to make it more interesting by washing their Chevy Camaro while it’s driving around on a race track. Of course that’s not practical, but they did this for content, so don’t ask too many questions. Instead, enjoy the entertainment factor and try not to think too much.

It seems Russians have a thing for the Camaro. We think it might have something to do with the live action Transformers movies. That might be true, because this Camaro is a Transformers Edition and they refer to is as “The Transformer.” If any of you live in Russia, used to, or know someone who does, let us know what the deal is here.

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Street Racing Mustang Hits School Bus, Injuring Kids

Street racing, especially in busy urban or suburban areas, is not only stupid, it’s recklessly selfish. According to the Albuquerque Police Department, a man named Mario Perez was doing just that in his Ford Mustang when he slammed into the side of a school bus full of middle schoolers. Video inside the bus, which was just recently released, shows the children flying into the air as the bus tipped onto its side from the violent impact.

Two of 23 children onboard were severely injured by the crash, like a kid who can be heard crying in the video that his femur is broken. As parents, this makes our blood absolutely boil. We love cars, racing can be fun, but we hate street racers and this is why. Perez is lucky he didn’t kill any of the children, but he put kids in the hospital. Sadly, we’ve seen incidents where kids did die in street racing crashes. As enthusiasts, we should all condemn this behavior.

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Car Fished From Creek Turns Out To Be A Coffin For Missing Dad

We cover many funny and interesting topics related to cars and automotive news due to the seemingly constant flow of information in the enthusiast world. However, every now and then, we come across something that shakes us all to the core with its pain and sorrow for all of those involved. This is one of those solemn times as recently a man's body has been found after 18 years of sitting at the bottom of a lake. While it is difficult to digest, this story is not entirely wrong, as the growth of technology allowed the team of divers to uncover his body, and soon many other families will have closure. But who was this man, and why was he destined to a watery grave?

“We were able to ascertain that Mr. Amabile left his residence in the late afternoon ... after oversleeping and rushing out to pick up his 2 daughters (ages 5 and 8) from the babysitter,” Adventures With Purpose said in a statement shared to Facebook. “Mr. Amabile called the babysitter stating that he would be there within 5 minutes.

“Mr. Amabile never arrived and was never seen again.”

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Learn The History Of The Plymouth Prowler

Like a thunderclap, the Plymouth Prowler concept took the automotive world by storm in January of 1993. For too long, Chrysler had pumped out a never-ending array of boxy and quite frankly uninspiring vehicles. Even coming from the most ambitious automakers of the time, the Prowler would have been a complete shock, so the fact it emerged from the halls of Chrysler made it that much more jarring to the industry. Retro before retro was hot, the hotrod generated buzz beyond just gearheads and auto journalists, getting the general public talking.

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