Ken Block's Final Gymkhana Video Is Coming in December

a black audi rally car on a road
Block's Final Gymkhana Video Is Coming in DecemberHoonigan

Hoonigan, the brainchild of the late rally and stunt driver Ken Block, has built a community that promotes going fast and having fun with cars. As part of that legacy, the automotive icon debuted an "Electrikhana" video back in October 2022, featuring a bespoke all-electric all-wheel-drive Audi smoking the pavement on the Las Vegas strip. Following Block's death in January 2023, it seemed that the Vegas video would be the last time the world would get to experience the Head Hoonigan-in-Charge doing a full Gymkhana production. But, there's one more in store. Hoonigan launched a surprise trailer on Tuesday promoting a new film called "Electrikhana Two.”

The video features new footage from what appears to be Mexico. Road signs for Cuernavaca flash by nearly a minute into the teaser; earlier, Block passes through what appears to be a tunnel with Spanish text at an airport. Just a couple of days ago, Hoonigan showcased a 30-car burnout at the SEMA show in tribute to Block's honor. This new video, scheduled for release in December, will cap off a tough year without him.

"Ken Block transformed the automotive world with the Gymkhana series of films. And late last year, we filmed what would end up being our last ever video project with him: Electrikhana TWO." the video's description says.

a car driving on a road

If watching Block shred scores of tires in the Hoonitron (named after Audi’s e-tron lineup) doesn’t get your heart pumping, you might not have a pulse. Living up to his company’s own definition of a hoonigan, Block never failed to be the person who “operates a motor vehicle in an aggressive and unorthodox manner, consisting of, but not limited to, drifting, burnouts, doughnuts as well as acts of automotive aeronautics.”

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