2014 Kia Soul

Up to 23 MPG city / 30 MPG hwy
$14,900 - $23,400

2014 Kia Soul

2014 Kia Soul

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Who knew hamsters could sell cars? Well, with something as quirky as the Kia Soul it all sort of makes sense. Coinciding with Kia's brand revival the Soul is an ambassador to the manufacturers focus on exciting new product. Following in the footsteps of other oddball boxes-on-wheels like Scion's xB and Nissan's Cube, the Soul hits all the right marks with its emphasis on funky style and day-to-day usability. The revised 1.6 GDI 4-cylinder mated with a 6-speed automatic transmission offers a 10% efficiency increase achieving 28/34-MPG city/highway while pumping out a plenty-peppy 136 horsepower, 11% more power than before. Even more impressive is the 13% power gain on the 2.0-liter 4-cylinder now making 160 horsepower and using 27/33-MPG city/highway. Staying fashion forward as a good brand icon should, the new Soul also wears LED daytime running lights, similar to those popularized by Audi, and a new LED rear light cluster which is not only neater looking, but safer and more energy efficient. For 2013 it's now impossible to buy a Soul without Bluetooth connectivity and on the top of the line "!" trim level, city friendly power-folding side mirrors are standard. See more... See Less

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Reviews and Ratings
Pros Cons
Mileage. half the cost in gas vs. using our van for commutes Fuel economy - huge disappointment - may improve over time
Compact size. fits a lot into a small size The rattling rear seat is an annoyance
Cargo capacity with rear seats down Blind spots on driver's side, hesitation of engine.
The steering controls ; making it easier to focus on the road. Trunk - cargo space - much less than anticipated.
Driving dynamics - handles like a larger car No spare tire provided: fix a flat
Engine/ transmission - has a great pick-up especially for passing power Sound of engine during rapid acceleration
Interior, led lights, space, overall look, center console. Has a bit too much road noise on rough asphalt
Stability of ride - handles the road better than anticipated. Winter weather driving - get stuck a lot.
Mileage! its cheaper than i thought to get a work & back. To get a sunroof i had to get a higher grade car.
Overall handling & driveability including ergonomic seating, acceleration. Armrests - would like higher middle console