Koenigsegg To Replace $3 Million Jesko Burned By Hydraulic Leak

The Jesko owner won’t be without a car for long, hopefully. - Screenshot: Drone Views | Zisimos Zizos via YouTube
The Jesko owner won’t be without a car for long, hopefully. - Screenshot: Drone Views | Zisimos Zizos via YouTube

Koenigsegg has been racing to uncover an issue with its multi-million-dollar Jesko hypercar after one burst into flames in Greece last month. Now, the Swedish automaker has reportedly uncovered the cause of the fire that destroyed the $3 million Jesko and has even pledged to replace the owner’s ruined ride, which had previously sold out.

The Koenigsegg Jesko caught fire in Greece last month, sparking a stop-drive order for the 28 hypercars that the Swedish company had so far delivered around the world. Since then, the automaker has been investigating the potential cause for the blaze, which left the singed remains of the car stranded by the side of the road and, thankfully, injured nobody.

In a post on Instagram, the automaker shared the steps it had taken to uncover the cause for the fire, saying that it had found no issues with the fuel tank, engine oil and gearbox that raise suspicion. However, a coolant leak on the road may hold the clue, as the company said on Instagram:


However, there was a streak of hydraulic fluid behind the car on the road. Given this we have investigated the pressurized hydraulic system, which is the only system that contains this fluid.

When looking close at the car we also found that a pressurized hydraulic hose was compromised at the rear of the car. This in combination with the streak of hydraulic fluid on the road clearly indicate that this was the cause of the fire.

We are now checking the installation of all hydraulic hoses in this area on all production Jesko’s and all the Jesko’s in the field, to ensure that the installation is not compromised.

Now that the cause of the blaze has been isolated, AutoEvolution reports that Koenigsegg is also testing a software patch that will be able to detect any future hydraulic issues the car faces in the field. This, the site says, will help prevent another disaster like this from hitting any other Jesko owners.

The record-breaking Jesko in action. - Photo: Koenigsegg
The record-breaking Jesko in action. - Photo: Koenigsegg

But what about the driver of the Jeskpo that was destroyed? Well, they aren’t about to be left supercar-less for much longer as Koenigsegg confirmed that it will be hooking the owner up with a new Jesko despite all 125 build slots quickly selling out. As the company said:

We are also incredibly grateful to the owner of the car in Greece for giving us his continued support and that we will be able to supply him with a new car so he can continue his Koenigsegg journey.

I guess as well as a bonkers supercar capable of doing zero to 250 mph and back to zero in just 28.27 seconds, $3 million also buys you some pretty excellent customer service as well. Isn’t that nice.

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