Lamborghini Aventador Stolen By Fake Car Shoppers

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Lamborghini Aventador Stolen By Fake Car Shoppers
Lamborghini Aventador Stolen By Fake Car Shoppers

It’s a sad reality that selling your car online can get you carjacked, either by force or trickery, but we keep seeing cases like this one involving a Lamborghini Aventador stolen in Ontario. Exercising extreme caution with supposedly interested buyers is beyond wise at this point.

Men faked interest in Ferrari to steal it.

After seeing an ad for the Aventador, which looks to be wearing a set of Corse Werks wheels, in Auto Trader a guy supposedly interested in buying it contacted the owner. It’s worth noting that the Lambo was listed for $600,000, says CTV News, so this thief was targeting quite the high-end vehicle.


Perhaps to look the part, the “buyer” showed up with some other guys in a Mercedes-Maybach, the two parties rendezvousing in a public parking lot. In retrospect that was a huge mistake. It might sound ridiculous to some, but we recommend meeting at a police station. Criminals seem to hate pulling into those parking lots, plus there’s tons of surveillance.

As the guy supposedly wanting to buy the Aventador checked it out, he asked to take it for a test drive. The original report doesn’t specify whether or not the owner gave the guy permission, but it does say the “suspect was allowed to sit inside the vehicle while the keys were still inside.”

That’s when the guy quickly closed the door, fired up the V10, and burned rubber, the Mercedes-Maybach taking off after. And that was the last the owner saw of his supercar.

We unfortunately see these types of stories all the time, just not always involving $600,000 Lamborghinis. Thieves are trolling online vehicle listings, acting like they’re interested in buying a victim’s car, then they either don’t return after taking it on a test drive or pull a gun and take the vehicle by force.

Apart from meeting at a police station, having someone else come with you to the meeting if possible is a great idea. Also, documenting who someone is before handing them the keys to your car is a good idea. But there’s always risk in selling a vehicle.

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