This Lamborghini Miura Lived in a New York Living Room for 40 Years. Now It's For Sale

lamborghini miura
This 1970 Lamborghini Miura Needs a New OwnerGooding & Co.

The Lamborghini Miura needs no introduction. It's the prettiest car ever made, it was the first supercar, and it set the pattern for basically every iteration to come after it. Last year, we called it a car that's "tough to enjoy but easy to love."

Now, one that sat in a living room for 40 years is going up for auction in unrestored original condition. That's right, this sultry supercar is a time-capsule survivor and it's going to cost its next owner quite a bit.

This isn't just any Miura either. It's a P400 S trim from 1970. Lamborghini made just 338 of these cars so it's also very rare. Finished in beautiful Luci del Bosco Metallizzato (Light of the Woods Metallic), it comes with a stiffer chassis than the regular P400. Under the rear clamshell is the original V-12. It's turned over 42,000 kilometers (26,100 miles) in its lifetime but for four decades it sat still until this year.

a car in a parking lot
Gooding & Co.

According to Robb Report, the only owner up to this point bought the car in 1970 and then exported it to the U.S. a decade later. At that point, they placed it in their living room in New York... for four decades. Objectively, that's a cool idea but certainly isn't the way Ferruccio Lamborghini would've preferred the owner to use it. Early in 2024 the consignor bought it and had it removed from the home which itself required knocking interior walls down.


Whoever buys it at auction is going to have a difficult choice to make. Leave it as the time capsule that it is or restore it to its former glory. Either way, we hope they'll repair it to the point that it gets back on the road regularly. Estimates indicate it could take half a million to restore it completely.

a car in a parking lot
Gooding & Co.

Interested parties with the allocatable capital will want to be ready to bid when it goes over the block in August at Gooding & Co's Pebble Beach event. Guidance on the rare supercar is between $2 and $2.5 million. That's quite a pretty penny but we are talking about the most beautiful car ever and the world's first true supercar.

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