Lamborghini Thieves Hide Supercar In Middle Class Neighborhood

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Lamborghini Thieves Hide Supercar In Middle Class Neighborhood
Lamborghini Thieves Hide Supercar In Middle Class Neighborhood

Memphis might be the last place you’d expect the theft of a Lamborghini Huracan but that’s exactly what went down on the evening of November 5. Considering how popular the supercar has been, generating untold wealth for the coffers in Sant’Agata Bolognese, you’ll see them in places where before exotic Italians never before ventured.

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In this instance, the victim parked his 2016 Huracan in a parking lot at South Cooper Street and Young Avenue in a neighborhood that looks chic with an Asian bistro, modern and tribal art gallery, plus a soap shop. No doubt wanting to enjoy some time in the hip eclectic businesses, the victim had no idea his Lambo was about to get boosted.

Memphis police shared a blurred image of a white vehicle which parked next to the Lamborghini. It sure looks like a Nissan to us. After a few minutes, both it and the Huracan left the parking lot, going north on South Cooper Street.


Police didn’t have leads on the case when they asked the public for help on November 6. However, on November 8 they announced the Lamborghini had been found on the 1100 block of Railton Road, although the circumstances of its discovery weren’t revealed. Instead, police only disclosed that charges hadn’t been filed.

Some members of the community replied to the Facebook post about the theft and subsequent recovery of the Lambo. Many rightly pointed out that not too many red Italian supercars are tooling around the city, so locating it was inevitable. Looking at the area where the Huracan was found, it doesn’t look like somewhere a Lambo would blend in at all. Did someone seriously think they could hide it there?

Others noted with a certain level of disgust that even if the thieves are charged, they’ll be let go immediately and face few consequences. We wish we could honestly disagree, but Memphis has a real problem with car thefts for a reason.

Images via Memphis Police Department, Google Maps

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