Current Model Lineup

Fifty years ago, Ferruccio Lamborghini, a successful Italian tractor manufacturer, decided that Ferraris were too rough and unreliable for his liking. With a spiteful shrug, he founded Lamborghini Automobili, the maker of radical sports cars, the images of which have since occupied countless bedroom walls and automotive daydreams. The Italian brand has had a tumultuous and unreliable history, changing owners several times, but has seen significant growth and stability in recent years after being bought by the Volkswagen Automotive Group. It may still be an Italian brand, but German engineers are in charge now, so watch out.

Lamborghini has primarily functioned with a two-car lineup consisting of a more accessible "base" car, and a radical flagship. The V10 Gallardo is the base model for the company now and is due for a replacement soon, as it's nearing ten years on the market. The outrageous Aventador and Aventador Roadster sit atop the Lamborghini range with their 700 horsepower V12 engines and famous scissor doors, which solely open to reveal supermodels. The daydreams aren't going to end anytime soon.
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