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Unquestionably the finest offroad vehicles in the world, Land Rover is a long-standing British brand that, in an ironic twist of reverse colonial fate, finds itself, along with Jaguar, under control of the India-based Tata Automotive Group. Under Tata's leadership, Land Rover has expanded its lineup, ramped up quality, and established itself as a desired status symbol for wealthy weekend warriors.

Starting at $37,295, the LR2 is the least expensive way to get into a Land Rover. It doesn't offer the space and full capability of its bigger siblings, but an advanced AWD system still makes the baby Rover a very capable machine. New to the family is the Range Rover Evoque, a sharply dressed Sport ute designed for the city, but still plenty capable when taking the path less traveled. The Evoque is available in four-door or two-door versions and a convertible has been considered for some time.

The LR4 serves as Land Rover's most focused off roader with its high ground clearance stiff rugged chassis, it's the adventure vehicle of choice for the most discerning explorers. The all new Range Rover Sport strikes a balance of incredible off-road capability extraordinarily capable on-road manners considering its tremendous size and weight. The flagship Range Rover offers a new level of refinement and luxury that can be enjoyed out in the wilderness, then taken straight to the country club.
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