2015 Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Up to 17 MPG city / 22 MPG hwy
$63,350 - $110,475

Possibly the best car of its very competitive class, the Sport off-roads like a Range Rover while handling like a Jaguar. If the Range Rover is the monarch of SUVs, then the Range Rover Sport is the king's freewheeling little brother, afforded unlimited luxury and privilege but allowed to have more fun, without the pressures of acting like the standard-bearer. It's fun and stylish. If you add a supercharger, not available in the base model, it also roars like a hellhound at 510hp. The Sport has received the best genetics from the entire Range Rover family tree: It's got the luxury trimmings of the standard-bearing RR, the off-road rock-crunching abilities of the LR4, and the hip urban design qualities of the Evoque. Its major flaw, as with all Range Rover models, is horrible fuel economy. But Range Rover is soongoing to debut a diesel hybrid, and a plug-in, and then there will be no nits left to pick. See more... See Less

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Reviews and Ratings
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Improved power / handling from previous models Gas mileage = 12 to 15 mpg
Seats - very comfortable, great leather Rear hatchback door works on and off, not reliable.
Steering - very smooth, like silk No options for upgrading rims and tires packages
I like the exterior appearance & sound of door closing. Spring loaded glove box closes on your arm every time.
Seat comfort & interior appointment The sound system is the worst for a high end vehicle
Interior design & comfort, & materials Rear hatch - won't go down with key or interior button
Driving dynamics - control & safety Bad mileage & longer warrranty
The car was a dream of mine as a child. Seat controls - too close to doors
Exterior - front - it is so sharp looking Seats are comfortable, but need more room in back seat
Performance is very good for an suv Navigation system - hard to input. this is the worst i have seen