2015 Land Rover Range Rover

Up to 17 MPG city / 23 MPG hwy
$83,495 - $186,495

The fourth-generation Range Rover debuted in Morocco last fall to ecstatic ululations from the gathered press corps, and why not? Palatial on the inside and supremely capable, the RR continues to set the standard against which all other luxury monsters are judged. This new RR has an all-aluminum body frame, making it 39 percent lighter, anywhere between 700 and 900 pounds depending on the engine, than the previous generation. There's nothing to hold it back, and it can handle any terrain with tremendous ease. A new sleek, streamlined, unfussy design makes it look good for city driving, too, wearing its substantial pedigree with unpretentious ease. The interior is pretty much standard mega-luxury fare these days: Comfortable, hand-stitched seating and a yachtsman's cabin with just enough, but not too much, technology. This is a wealthy person's car, probably a wealthy person's weekend car, and it tells us exactly what the rich want now: Power, leather, and the superficial appearance of subtlety. Aluminum is the new platinum. See more... See Less

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Reviews and Ratings
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Quality and look of interior / exterior Fuel consumption - it's a heavy car. safe but low mpg
Speed & power are excellent for an suv Should have auto unlock doors with key fob sensor like on bmw
Driving dynamics - car drives very comfortably New engine design in 2013 model-a must
Awesome car for new driver to learn Please install some type of noise when you lock the car
Acceleration is fantastic, so smooth and easy Dash controls - too much plastic
Comfort, quality of details in interior Audio system is subpar for this level of vehicle
The look is sharp, everybody stares Bad fuel mileage & lack of diesel option
Performance - supercharger provides incredible power Limited storage in glove box & center console
The view from the driver's seat is very good, commanding Need automatic trunk open / close
4x4 off - road ability is remarkable New configuration of storage in the center console, too small