Las Vegas Police Bust Camaro Trick Driver

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Las Vegas Police Bust Camaro Trick Driver
Las Vegas Police Bust Camaro Trick Driver

Maybe find a new hobby?

Police in Las Vegas, Nevada have busted the driver of a white Chevy Camaro after he eluded authorities at least two times before. According to police, the man was doing donuts on a residential road on August 30, getting too close to houses while performing his little tricks. Unlike the previous times, police were able to stop the car and take the driver into custody.

Another stunt driver learned his lesson the hard way, too.

Now the driver, who 8 News Now identified as 20-year-old Ismael Sanchez, is facing a number of charges, including multiple counts of eluding, endangering public and property, plus reckless driving. What’s more, police found he has two active warrants from two separate jurisdictions, both for reckless driving. What a shock!


We love fast, powerful cars probably more than most, but at the same time we despise these kids who think doing donuts and other “tricks” on public roads is a great idea. They’re usually not true car enthusiasts but instead just want attention.

After all, these kids absolutely thrash their rides, if they’re not driving something that’s stolen (which is more common than most people realize). Real car enthusiasts won’t punish their vehicle just so others can record dumb videos for TikTok or Instagram.

If someone really wants to drive like this, there are tracks and facilities for drifting and such. There are even drift competitions, if you want to take it to the next level. But that requires discipline, dedication, and maybe putting off instant social media glamor and fame. That said, we think the long-term rewards are far better.

In the meantime, we fully support police in Las Vegas and everywhere else for busting people doing this sort of thing on public roads. After all, all kinds of innocent people just living their life are put at risk of serious injury or even worse as these trick drivers chase after fleeting internet stardom.

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