Las Vegas Raiders Player Cut After DUI Arrest

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Las Vegas Raiders Player Cut After DUI Arrest
Las Vegas Raiders Player Cut After DUI Arrest

A lot of people would give anything to play for an NFL team, so it’s always interesting when one of the players loses their position on a team for a really dumb decision. That’s what it sounds like happened with Las Vegas Raiders safety Roderic Teamer who was speeding to make it home for the team’s imposed curfew only to pick up a DUI charge and get cut from the team.

Angry intoxicated girl fails at driving and the alphabet, blames the whole world.

A Nevada Highway Patrol trooper clocked Teamer going 91 mph in a 65 mph on the night of November 25. When questioned about why he was speeding, the ex-Raider told the trooper he was trying to get home before the NFL team’s curfew.


Things took a turn for the worse when the trooper was “overwhelmed” by the smell of marijuana wafting from the interior of Teamer’s Dodge Durango, reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal. He told the trooper he only smoked a little marijuana earlier in the day.

According to the report, Teamer had watery, bloodshot eyes and he didn’t perform well in a field sobriety test, so he was arrested. And he didn’t make the team curfew.

Teamer was a reserve safety, not a star player, so his release wasn’t a huge surprise. Also, NFL teams seem to have less and less of an appetite for this sort of behavior off the field. Antonio Pierce, interim coach for the Raiders, had high praise for Teamer, saying his release was the result of “wrong timing, bad timing.” We’d say it’s more like he reflected poorly on the team.

While Teamer’s traffic stop probably didn’t have anything to do with the Raiders’ embarrassing loss to the Chiefs on November 26, his antics sure didn’t help the team.

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