Learn How a Ford Vehicle Lease Buyout Works

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If you've fallen in love with your leased Ford and decide to keep it, consider a Ford lease buyout. You may wonder what a lease buyout is and whether you can negotiate it. A car lease buyout lets you purchase the vehicle instead of returning it at the end of the lease agreement. Consider opting for the typical lease-end buyout or an early lease buyout that allows you to assume ownership of the vehicle rather than continue paying for the lease.

You can work with a spokesperson at a Ford dealership to discuss your purchase price options for the buyout and the lease's remaining financial terms. If you financed your vehicle through Ford Credit, you'll want to learn how the process works. Otherwise, find a lender to work with your budget and meet your lease-end needs. If buying out your lease works for you, your lender will review the lease buyout options and additional fees while offering financing advice for the perfect end-of-lease purchase opportunity.

Why would you want to buy the Ford vehicle you've been leasing? There are several reasons, including:

  • You love driving your Ford truck, SUV, EV, or muscle car.

  • You're familiar with the vehicle and know its history.

  • You want to own the Ford car and move away from the leasing process.

  • You're able to secure a good interest rate.

  • You don't want to pay lease disposition fees or penalties for wear and tear.

  • You want to make modifications to your Ford vehicle.

  • You've exceeded the lease agreement mileage allowance.

Whether you drive a new Ford F-150 Lightning, a Mustang Mach-E electric SUV, or any other Ford vehicle, talk with your lender, who can help you understand Ford's credit plan and your buyout options.

Are you thinking about buying out your Ford lease? Find a lender who can help with financing and your buyout options.

The Ford Lease Buyout Process

The Ford Motor Company will let you purchase your leased vehicle at the end of your Red Carpet Lease if the lease agreement includes that option. If you're unsure you have a lease buyout option, speak with a financial advisor at your Ford dealership. Of course, if you decide to take ownership of the automobile, you'll need to fulfill your financial obligations and lease-end requirements.

Customers can gather information about their lease buyout by contacting Ford Credit or the original lender. Begin the search for your lease buyout options at least 120 days before the end of the lease. Within 90 days of the lease's end, you should prepare your vehicle for inspection and have the Ford dealership make any necessary repairs.

At least 60 days before the end of the lease, decide whether you plan to buy out the current lease on your Ford or return the vehicle and get a new truck, SUV, or electric car. If you started your Ford lease after June 15, 2022, keep in mind that you usually can't get a lease-end buyout for EV vehicles, so contact your dealership to confirm they'll let you purchase the EV or BEV you lease.

Most consumers choose the lease-end buyout option, which requires them to finance the remaining purchase price of the vehicle or pay cash for it. You can also buy out the lease before the end of the contract period.

Is a Ford Lease Buyout Worth It?

For many consumers, the lease buyout is a good deal. People who have excessive mileage or damage or make modifications to their vehicle may find it more cost-effective to purchase it rather than pay the associated fees. But if the car's buyout price exceeds its current market value, a lease buyout may not be worth it. You might instead consider turning in the leased car and exploring other cars to lease or purchase.

Be aware that lenders often charge higher interest rates to finance buyout loans than traditional new vehicle loans. You'll need to tell your insurance company your lease is coming to an end and that you're considering a buyout.

If you decide the Ford lease buyout isn't worth it and you want to get a new vehicle, make sure your dealership representative has a variety of Ford trucks, EVs, SUVs, or other vehicles in stock. If they don't have inventory on-site, they may have to search different locations to find the perfect Ford for your lifestyle.

Can You Negotiate a Ford Lease Buyout?

You can typically negotiate a Ford lease buyout, but you'll want to do some research through the Ford website or your dealership before you begin your car lease negotiations. Find out what the current market value of your car is because if it's lower than the residual value in your lease contract, you may have more negotiating power. If the lender won't budge on the buyout price, see if they'll lower the buyout's associated fees, such as documentation or transaction fees. Also, be sure to get a list of all the buyout fees so you can review and understand them.

Ford Buyout Fees and Rates

Customers wanting a lease buyout will work with the finance team at Ford Credit or the original lender to understand financing options and buyout fees. The financial adviser determines these fees and rates by looking at the expected residual value of the Ford at the beginning of the lease, how many payments remain, the car sales tax, and any dealership fees. If you don't have the cash to pay for the buyout, most dealerships and lenders will finance it based on your credit score, credit history, and budget.

Buying out your Ford lease is beneficial if you enjoy the vehicle, don't mind having finance payments, or want to make modifications or changes to it. In addition, if the vehicle has excessive damage or wear, a lease buyout may save you from having to pay extra fees.

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