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This extremely rare car is sure to ignite a bidding war.

Howard “Dutch” Darrin and industrialist Henry J. Kaiser did not always have the same vision for automobile design, according to the legend. Kaiser had an affinity for practicality, and wasn’t interested in the sporty roadster type. However, when his wife Alyce wanted something of the impractical nature, Kaiser made sure to give his wife what she wanted, smart man. From this situation, the Kaiser-Darrin was born as America’s first fiberglass sports car to be produced.

Beating Chevrolet to the Corvette, the Kaiser-Darrin Roadster was debuted in 1952 with a Willys 161 cubic-inch Hurricane F-head six-cylinder engine. The iconic sweeping and plunging lines with rosebud grille made it instantly recognizable. Pocket doors slide forward into the front fenders, a truly fascinating concept.

During production, only 435 examples were made, making them an exceptionally rare model, and one many have never seen in person. This particular example is car number 390 of the short production run. It was originally covered in a Yellow Satin finish, and has been the subject of a body-off, rotisserie restoration. The car also features a few upgrades, most notably, the period-appropriate Kaiser/McCulloch supercharger added to the engine.

Learn more about this rare roadster, and how you can bring it home here.

Ad highlights:
-An excellent example of the pioneering, Howard “Dutch” Darrin-designed American fiberglass sports car
-161 cu. in. Willys “Hurricane” F-head I-6 engine; three-speed manual transmission
-Fitted with period-appropriate McCulloch supercharger
-Accompanied by rare Darrin-designed hardtop created from original molds
-Presents in beautifully restored condition

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