Lewis Hamilton Is Once Again an F1 Race Winner, Takes Victory at Silverstone

f1 grand prix of great britain
Lewis Hamilton Is Once Again an F1 Race WinnerNurPhoto - Getty Images
  • Lewis Hamilton just made history at his home race, becoming the oldest driver to win a Grand Prix in the 21st century.

  • Hamilton's first win came 17 years ago in the Canadian Grand Prix when he was 22 years old; at 39 years old, he captured his 104th. This is the longest interval between a driver's first win and their most recent win in F1's history.

  • Hamilton's win came against the two top championship contenders, Max Verstappen and Lando Norris.

Lewis Hamilton made the pass on fellow Brit Lando Norris for the lead 40 laps into the 52-lap British Grand Prix on Sunday. With it, a weight that had been hanging on his shoulders for two and a half years was lifted. This was Hamilton's final home race with Mercedes, and while the car has been a struggle for him most of the year, the team and the driver showed up for the farewell tour.


"I know it's been since 2021; every day, I'm trying to fight, to train, and put my mind to the task with this amazing team," Hamilton told Sky Sports. "This is my last race here at the British Grand Prix with this team. I wanted to win it so much for them because I love them. I appreciate them so much. I'm forever grateful to this team and all of our partners, to all our incredible fans, I could see you lap by lap coming around. There's no better feeling to finish at the front here."

This was Hamilton's ninth win in the British Grand Prix, and there's no place like home to bust a 56-race win drought.

Next year, Hamilton will move to Ferrari to race alongside Charles Leclerc, and at times, we see the tension boil over between Hamilton and his long-time Mercedes team manager Toto Wolff.

The first words out of Hamilton after his victory were, "I've been waiting for this, jeez!"

Earlier today, Apple released the first trailer for their F1-themed summer blockbuster in which an aging champion attempts to ascend back to the top of the sport; Hamilton's win here is poetic.

Hamilton started the 2024 British Grand Prix on an all-British front row next to his teammate George Russell and Norris behind in third. On the start, Hamilton oversteered, and Russell was able to pull away to a 1-second lead.

Hamilton would stay in the battle out front all race but Russell was forced to retire on lap 34 for a suspected water system failure.

When Norris pitted from the lead on lap 39, he opted for soft tires instead of mediums; McLaren explained the choice as Do you want "Medium tires to fight "Verstappen or Soft tires to fight Hamilton?"

In the end, Norris came out of the pits a second behind Hamilton and couldn't close in on the race leader. With four laps to go, Max Verstappen made it by Norris; fans watched with bated breath to see if Norris would over-defend after the controversial contact between the two last week in Austria.

Verstappen made it by cleanly, and set his sights on Hamilton. Silverstone felt like it was sent back in time to the 2020 and 2021 seasons when the two battled it out nearly every weekend. Hamilton stayed consistent and drove to an easy victory.

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